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Helmholtz Zentrum München aims to improve human health. Allergies are a major widespread disease. With the support of the Federal Ministry of Health, the Helmholtz Zentrum München is setting up and evaluating an allergy information service for patients, their families and the interested public. ...read more


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The website of the Allergy Information Service is directed primarily at patients and their family members. The objective is to present clear and concise information about the current state of knowledge regarding allergies and to report on new insights and advances in allergy research.

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Quality Management

All contents are subjected to a scientific quality assurance procedure before they are published online. Helmholtz Zentrum München and the partners and the Scientific Advisory Board of the Allergy Information Service are the main sources and guarantors of scientific excellence. The close connection...


Patients Forum on Allergy

In addition to information offered on the internet, the Allergy Information Service offers events to foster direct exchange between experts and patients. these Patients forums provide opportunities to ask individual questions and to experience research directly. The information ist conveyed in a...


Our Partners

From the start, a scientific advisory board was constituted. It is composed of scientists, physicians, representatives of professional associations and partner organizations as well as representatives of ministries and competent authorities.


Types of Allergies

Whether allergic asthma, hay fever or atopic dermatitis, insect venom or food allergy – these diseases have one thing in common: In any case, it is an allergic disease as a result of a pathogenic overreaction of the immune system. This often happens on the basis of genetic hypersensitivity, which is referred to as atopic disease. ...read more about (in German):

Allergic rhinitis Allergic asthmaAnaphylaxisHouse dust mite allergyHay fever  – Insect venom allergyContact allergyFood allergyAtopic dermatitis Animal hair allergy - Sun allergiesLatex allergyExogenous allergic alveolitisCeliac diseaseHistamine intolerance syndrome


In principle, any protein can become an allergen. In a non-allergic person, a foreign protein triggers a normal immune response and is usually recognized as a "harmless" antigen, unrelated to an allergic reaction. ...read more (in German)


Immune System Disorders

Weakness or dysfunction of the immune system or its components may cause or promote the development of various types of diseases. In addition to infectious diseases, these include  cancer, autoimmune diseases or allergies …read more (in German)


How does an Allergy develop?

Allergy is an overreaction of the immune system to substances from the environment. When looking for the causes, it should be kept in mind that there are other types of hypersensitivity that, while producing similar symptoms, are not based on an immunological response …read more (in German)

Allergy Research

Immune System

Why do excessive reactions of the immune system occur? A person's genetic predisposition plays a role in the development of allergies, but which specific gene variants are involved? And how does the interaction with triggering environmental factors work? What treatment options are available for allergies in different organ systems? The different areas of allergy research are working on answers to these complex questions. 

Clinical Trial Platform

Allergies have become one of the most common diseases. Clinical studies are necessary to better understand this development and to develop new strategies for treatment and prevention. Researchers are dependent on your help as an affected person. ...read more (in German)

Drug research

Although the numerous drugs available for allergies often alleviate or eliminate the symptoms of those affected, they do not make causal treatment possible – the ultimate goal of medicine. ... read more (in German)

Genetic research 

The development of allergic diseases is a very complex process that science has not yet fully deciphered. It is clear that genes play an important role in this process. ...read more (in German)

Prevention and living with an allergy

Affected people know it - an allergy can have an effect on almost all areas of life - whether at work, at home, eating or on holiday - How can everyday life be best organised with an allergy? ...read more 

Here you will find current dates for lectures, seminars and other patient events on the subject of allergies.

Starting with A for anamnesis and continuing through the alphabet – the allergy dictionary for your reference

Patient organizations and self-help groups provide a wide range of counseling services and materials for patients with allergies. Important addresses at a glance.

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