Scientific Advisory Panel

In order to guarantee the professional quality of the Allergy Information Service at a high level, a Scientific Advisory Board was founded, which accompanies the activities of the Information Service from the very beginning. 

The members of the scientific advisory panel accompany and support the establishment of the Allergy Information Service with their scientific expertise.

In detail they...

  • check the basic content of the online platform for correctness,
  • support professionally in the conceptual development of the content 
  • actively provide information on current scientific publications and clinical studies with high relevance for the Allergy Information Service,
  • accompany the Allergy Information Service scientifically within the framework of the implementation of quality management,
  • are available as speakers at patient days and/or recommend additional colleagues,
  • actively support the Allergy Information Service in raising its profile. 

The scientific advisory panel meets at least once a year. 

Members of the scientific advisory panel (in German)