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In brief: In the diagnosis of contact allergies, it is necessary to make a precise distinction between allergic dermatitis and skin irritation. Even the irritation is a skin damage requiring treatment.. ...more

Symptoms: The first signs of acute contact allergy are reddened skin, often accompanied by blisters and itching. Sometimes there are large, oozing rashes. Chronic contact eczema is characterized by a skin that is very scaly, torn, thickened and appears horny. ...more

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Prevalence: About 20 percent of the population are sensitized to at least one contact allergen. The allergy triggers are often hidden and difficult to avoid. ...more

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Risk factors: Frequent occupational contact with a potential allergen greatly increases the risk of sensitisation and outbreak of contact dermatitis. The same applies to certain preferences, such as wearing fashion jewellery. ...more

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Diagnosis: In a preparatory discussion, doctors and affected persons clarify which substances are likely to have triggered the contact allergy. Test solutions of these possible allergens are then applied to the skin. ...more

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Therapy: The sensitization to a contact allergen lasts a lifetime. The most important therapeutic option is therefore to avoid this substance as much as possible. ...more


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Prevention: In order to safely avoid potential allergens, they must be labelled in products. An alternative is to set exposure limits below the sensitisation threshold. ...more

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