Many people believe that they suffer from a "drug allergy". However, an "allergy" only occurs when the immune system reacts to a drug with symptoms. This can be determined by special skin and laboratory tests.

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In brief:  In order to be able to record all drug reactions together, one speaks of drug intolerances. More than 80 percent of all drug intolerances are of non-allergic origin.

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Symptoms:  Most medicines can cause allergic symptoms of the immediate or late type in some people. The symptoms of the immediate type are similar to those of other immediate type allergies such as hay fever or house dust mite allergy. ...more

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Prevalence: According to the World Allergy Organization (WAO), three to six percent of all hospital admissions are due to adverse drug reactions. Allergies to drugs account for less than ten percent of all adverse reactions. ...more

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Risk factors: The way a drug is administered plays a role in the development of a drug allergy. The risk of sensitisation is lowest in tablets and increases from infusions to injections into muscles or skin. ...more

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Diagnosis: A drug reaction is suspected if a skin rash occurs a few days or up to four weeks after the start of taking a new drug. If this is possible without any disadvantages, the medication in question can be discontinued in consultation with the doctor. ...more

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Therapy: The logical first step in the treatment of a drug allergy is to discontinue the triggering drug as soon as possible. However, there is the possibility of cross-reactions, especially with antibiotics and painkillers, so that replacement drugs with a similar protein structure could also trigger an allergy.   ...more

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Research approaches: Many people are mistakenly considered allergic to antibiotics throughout their lives. Researchers are therefore asking whether the sometimes painful and unreliable skin tests should not be dispensed with when diagnosing antibiotic allergies to mild exanthemas. ... more